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Honing Services

What is Honing?

The honing process is used to achieve a precision hole size and an improved surface finish. 

What are our Honing Capabilities?

As an expert in the honing process, we offer the following honing capabilities:

  • Hole sizes as small as .060" and up to 12" in diameter,

  • Lengths up to 48" (4'),

  • Tubing or drilled holes,​​

  • +/- 0.0001" tolerance, and

  • Surface finish as fine as 4 Ra.

How we Provide Quality Assurance? 

All of our work is inspected to guarantee 100% quality. We have a full complement of surface finish gauges to measure and document the surface finish achieved. We also have a full complement of gauges to measure the diameter along the full length of the honed hole. 

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